6 Positives Of Working From Home/ Lockdown

May 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

Covid- 19 has been a challenging and difficult time for many people, families and businesses, especially our frontline workers who are working tirelessly day in, day out to keep us safe.

However, lockdown and working from home has presented a unique opportunity…

There have been many positives of life in lockdown and it’s important we remember these whenever we are feeling a little bit hopeless.


  1. Change in how we use technology:

We have all realised how vital technology is when it comes to adapting day to day life, not only in personal life, but in business too. This time in lockdown came with many complications, but communication has not been one of them. This is thanks to apps, video chats, phone calls…the list goes on.

Learning new skills online, how to work a certain programme or how to maximise productivity using modern means, has meant that technology has been a pillar in ‘normal’ life continuing throughout lockdown.








  1. ‘To-do’:

Now let’s be honest, how long was your ‘to-do’ list before lockdown VS now?

This applies to both work-life and personal life. Working from home has required for some, a lot more focus and discipline when it comes to completing work. There are many possible distractions that come from working remotely; pets, children, neighbours, TV, family members etc.

So, if you have had to work extra hard to maintain focus, it’s more than likely you’ve had chance to get more work done…including those ‘itty bitty’ jobs you’ve been promising yourself you’ll do ‘when you get chance’!


  1. Structure & Productivity:

Without the usual morning rush and commute to the office, it has forced us all to create a new structure. While the short and sweet commute to the living room or home office may sound ideal…lack of routine can equal lack of productivity.


As a result of this, many of us have created a new regime, that allows us to maximise how productive our days are. Each of our routines will be unique ensuring it works around our household, tasks and personal goals. So, whilst creating a new daily structure was a must to keep productive during lockdown, this is something that would have been brushed under the carpet when working your usual 9-5 shift.

check in








  1. Hobbies:

Since the Government announced complete isolation back in March, many have been eager to try out new skills, hobbies and tasks to keep occupied.

Without the lockdown, this would not be the case! Jigsaws, drawing, qualifications, exercising etc. have all become popular and many have realised the benefits of taking the time to do something for themselves.

Could this be something we continue to do once lockdown is over and life is ‘back to normal’?

  1. Appreciation:

How many of us have missed the materialistic things? VS How many of us have missed the important things?

When else would you have so much time to spend with family without pressure of having to be somewhere? Many have been taking the time to take part in family quizzes, games nights and even virtual house parties!


After all of this is a distant memory, we will all be so much more appreciative of smaller things we once took for granted.

  1. Savings

For some, lockdown has provided a unique opportunity to save money, budget and establish where you would like to prioritise your money.

Although online orders have continued, many have figured out that purchasing materialistic items over experience – buying is not what they want to spend their money on.


For the first time in our lifetime, we are being forced to slow down, discipline, self-care and focus on what we really want out of life after lockdown.

Could this be the break we all needed?




As always, we want to thank all of the key workers for keeping everyone safe and working so selflessly!


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