The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Workplace:

July 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

2020 is likely to go down in history as a momentous year for one very obvious reason. Covid-19 will have many long-lasting effects, not only on daily life, but especially on working – life.

In this article, we explore the opportunities and also the risks as a result of Coronavirus.

The most significant impact of the pandemic has been the vast increase in remote working. For some, this has been a positive and many companies have been pleasantly surprised at how well employees have adapted. However, not the same can be said for all… working from home isn’t always possible – consider all of those in hospitality with restaurants and bars. The question is, are all the changes we have seen and are continuing to see, for the better – and how long will these changes last?


Opportunities and positive changes as a result:

Cyber security – Remote working has meant that the importance for cyber security has heightened. Sending important documents through IT systems and email poses a real threat to GDPR and data breaches. This means that companies have had to take a real look at their processes over lockdown and ensure they are taking the correct safety measures. As a long – lasting effect, this is definitely a positive and an opportunity for companies to ensure maximum security when it comes to data protection.


Company culture – It’s no secret that quarantine made us socially deprived, but this is particularly crucial for businesses that rely heavily on team-bonding and company culture. Ultimately, ensuring your team know each other on a personal level could be the deciding factor in if they perform well together or not.

As a positive outcome of working from home, many companies are now integrating team – building/work “meet – ups” in the workplace.


Technology/cost effective – The increase in freemium conference tools since the beginning of the pandemic has been enormous! Both employers and employees will want to stick to solutions that are cost-effective whilst still being efficient.

(See graph at the end of the article)

The global statistics for downloads of video chat apps (Android)

Source: Prior Data, Statista

Risks we should work to avoid:

Dual job roles – Throughout lockdown, many, if not all parents have, at some point have been ‘home-schooling’ and taking on the responsibility of schooling their children. A lot of parents may be returning to work over the next few months whilst still trying to juggle this task and it’s not obvious how long this will go on for.

Backlog – Companies that have put certain projects on hold, companies having to stop their services completely and companies that have had to adapt their usual procedures are all proof of the impact that Coronavirus has had on the workplace. As a result of this, many businesses are finding that they are making up for lost time due to the amount of work that has taken a back seat.


The new workplace environment is yet to be determined, but we imagine it will be difficult for the online office to fade away.  What will the new workplace look like?


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