Four Key Tips To Happiness At Work

January 17, 2020 | Recruitment

Are you happy in your workplace? If the answer is no, then this article may just be the holy grail you have been waiting for..

It’s no secret that it’s vital to be happy in your work, as you spend more time here than any other place during the week.  “Ensuring people have a supportive and encouraging work environment will help to keep them well and in work for longer” – Duncan Selbie

To be happy at work there are four main pillars to take into consideration; Purpose, Engagement, Resilience and Kindness, also know as PERK. 



A recent study from LinkedIn reported that 49% of employees would trade a some of their salary to carry on with their job, with added purpose. Employees who say the work they do is worthwhile are 2.6 times more likely to be happy at work.

Thus, if you feel that your work is more meaningful, you are generally happier at work. If you feel a strong sense of purpose and are an important part of the team, then employees are more likely to work harder, as they feel their work is beneficial.

If you are in a position of leadership, you can increase the feeling of purpose by making core values high on the priority list in the workplace, and implementing policies that align people’s day-to-day experiences with core values.


  1. Engagement

Are you enjoying your work? Are you part of the decisions about how you do things at work? How often do you feel immersed in your workload and lose track of time? industries-with-most-engaged-workers

You would be surprised at how many people say no to these questions! If your answers are also no, then it’s time to work on your happiness at work and evaluate what you can do to change this.

The average statistics for engagement at work are as follows;

Engaged – around 15% of the workforce. These kind of employees are generally emotionally committed to the company. They tend to thoroughly thrive in their work and and invest large amounts of time ensuring this is done to the best of their ability.

Not Engaged – around 67% of the workforce. These employees are often relatively happy and satisfied in their work role. They also tend to do the bare minimum of what is expected of them and drift through the days.

Actively Disengaged – around 18% of the workforce.


  1. Resilience

The ability to ‘dust yourself off’ and carry on after a setback at work is crucial to doing well and achieving overall happiness. Resilience does not, however, mean you try to control difficulties and struggles in the workplace, as this will always be there. It’s more about adapting how you react to certain situations.

For example, some people find practising mindfulness and being aware of self-critical emotions can help boost resilience. Another way to achieve true resilience is to be authentic at work, show up as your best self and this way you don’t have the stress of showing up and pretending to be/feel a certain way.


  1. Kindness

Lastly, we are generally happier at work when we aim to be kind. This can include with clients, colleagues etc.

Being kind at work involves treating others with respect, and also being sympathetic to what people have going on in and outside of work. If someone feels as though they can rely on you and  trust you, they are more likely to feel less stressed with this burden playing hard on their mind, when they should be concentrating on work.

  • Slow down – when you come into the office and say good morning or hello.
  • Smile at a colleague –  every day for one week and notice what happens and how you feel.
  • Be considerate: when you make yourself a cup of tea ask others whether they’d like one.
  • Engage your ears: when asking colleagues ‘how are you?’, stop and listen, be interested in how they really are (it only needs to take five minutes).
  • Help a colleague in need when you can: pay attention to those around you and try to notice if someone is stressed or under the weather, or if they’re aiming to meet a deadline, prepare for an event or perhaps struggling with staff absence.


Your happiness at work also influences how happy you are in general, so it’s important to follow these tips and ensure you are getting the most out of your work!

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