CQC fines care home provider £300,000 for failing to monitor ‘sexual predator’ resident

November 16, 2018 | Care Quality


An Enfield care home provider has been ordered to pay £300,000 to the CQC after allowing a man in their care the freedom to prey on vulnerable people, despite having a history of sexual assault.

The Care Quality Commission has brought the case against Hillgreen Care Limited for failing in their duty to protect people in their care by not providing continual, around the clock one-to-one supervision of the resident.


Hillgreen Care Limited, which is now undergoing insolvency proceedings was not present in court at any time during the proceedings.














District Judge Susan Williams, who heard the case at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court stated:

There had been incident after incident involving XX, all incidents of sexual abuse,”

“He was predatory in nature, he was opportunistic, and his targets were frequently vulnerable individuals.

“It seems obvious that unless he was monitored very closely and watched, such incidents were bound to happen again, and did on three occasions in 2015.

“It was alleged XX lured a young woman, referred to as AA, into his room and had sex with her and on another occasion had sex with a man, YY.

“What happened to YY is a stark and shocking reminder of exactly what could and did happen because of the failure in oversight of this company.

“He was unable to speak, unable to communicate, unable to call for help, unable to protest.”


District Judge Susan Williams also criticized the company for trying to “cover up” one of the sexual assaults.

Alongside the fine, the home was also found guilty of two counts of failing to provide care and treatment in a safe way.

This comes after the CQC conducted a report earlier this year, which can be read here, into patient Safety. The report found a vast number of incidents occurred in care settings including sexual assault, alleged rape and sexual harassment.

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