Write your CV: A guide to writing a good CV

 The most common trait of people writing their own CV is that they are very humble in their approach. When we speak to our candidates when registering with Domus Recruitment, our first objective is to ensure we represent you as well as we possibly can on paper with your CV. To do this, we endeavour to learn about and document the key achievements from your career. We will also ascertain the personal qualities you have which make you attractive to prospective employers. We aim to add value to every application we make on your behalf and your CV is just the starting point of the service you will receive from your specialist consultants at Domus Recruitment.

Below you will find some basic guidelines to assist you in writing your CV. Please note this is a general guide and upon registering with Domus Recruitment, we will advise you in more detail.

Information to include in your CV:

Personal details

Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, E-Mail address.

Education and qualifications

Ensure you list the details of your education and qualifications in chronological order with the most recent first.

Work experience

Ensure you list the details of your employment history in chronological order with the most recent first. Ensure you state the dates (month and year) of employment for each, your job title and your employer’s name.  You will then need to bullet point your daily duties under each role and highlight any key achievements whilst in that position.


Ensure to include all your computer skills, languages and any relevant training courses attended and awards gained (anything positive to aid your job application).

Hobbies and Interests

Keep this short.


“Available on request” will suffice.

General Tips

  • Use black typed ink
  • Use simple clear fonts
  • Do not include pictures
  • Do not make your application overly decorative
  • Keep to 2 A4 pages if possible
  • Tailored towards each job application
  • Bullet point your daily duties under each position
  • Ensure you use spell-check and check your grammar
  • Highlight your career achievements