About Domus Recruitment

About Domus Recruitment

Domus Recruitment boast an average of 9 years recruitment experience across our consultants. Our values are very apparent internally as well as externally and this coupled with our specialist, consultative approach results in a consistently high level of service delivery.

Domus Recruitment have conducted and will continue to conduct extensive research regarding the key wants and needs of both clients and candidates in the care sector. Our findings have allowed us to ascertain what is important to you. Through this research, investment and continual training in combination with our core values we feel we have a sound platform on which to build strong and successful long-term relationships. We believe in continually analysing and improving all aspects of the company and its people and with this we are confident that we maintain our position as a market leader in all of our specialism’s..

Our Values

Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles

Professionalism: a person who is an expert at his or her work

Individuality: the particular character or aggregate of qualities that distinguishes one person from others

Honesty: the quality or fact of being trustworthy, loyal and fair

Quality: providing services of a high standard or merit